A little bit about me…

I’m an experience designer with one foot in academia and the other in professional practice. I’m currently a full time faculty member at DePaul University, School of Design. I primarily teach in two graduate, Experience Design and Digital Communications & Media Arts. My classes are focused on applying human centered design to new media and technology. I also lead active grant funding research projects that explore the use of technology in K-8 classrooms.

Professionally, I run my own experience design and consulting business, LeAnne Wagner Design, and am also a co-founder and user experience design director at Adjust Creative. I enjoy leading and working with teams to tackle complex problems, typically in the digital product space. I specialize in early stage conceptualization and innovation, user research, and have the skills to see a project from inception to final delivery. With experience in both branding/graphic and experience design/development, I feel comfortable working in a variety of mediums, and like to ‘wear a lot of hats’.  Many of my clients are start-ups and non-profits who are looking for a partner who can offer a full suite of capabilities, but also consult with large Fortune 100 regularly as well.

I’m particularly passionate about education and social impact and am personally and professionally motivated to work on projects in either field. I thrive on collaborations and building new things and spend a lot of my free time working with organizations in the community and learning new ways to use design. In the remaining free time I have, you can likely find me hanging out with my husband and flatulent dog, attempting to cook something, and perfecting my craft beer snobbery.

I’m always interested in hearing about new opportunities and collaborations. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or even just to say ‘hi’.