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icurio Learning Engagement System

The icurio Learning Engagement System (LES) is working to┬áredefine engagement in the classroom. ┬áIt’s a digital space that supports a blended learning environment where teachers and students come together around digital content and tools to use them in a richer, more integrated way in order to take advantage of the true benefits and opportunities that only digital resources can provide. The LES facilitates a casual environment where students aren’t afraid to explore and even fail. It’s a safe space that encourages interaction, where learning feels more like a conversation than a right or wrong answer. This interaction encourages new relationships to be formed between students, teacher and peers. Relationships that are built on and enhanced by real-time feedback at the point of learning and communication styles that are familiar and relevant to 21st Century Students.

The pilot phase of the LES launched into schools in the Fall of 2013.