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HEY! PLAY! Games in Modern Culture

“HEY! PLAY! Games in Modern Culture” was an interactive show at the Chicago Museum of Design that focused on exposing visitors to games through from different perspectives. Games are a rich, dynamic medium that live in consoles and controllers as much as they do in our own bodies, minds, and social relationships. Artists and designers are creating games about personal challenges, games that facilitate spiritual awakening, and games that challenge, edify, and critique our societies and cultures. “HEY! PLAY! Games in Modern Culture” showcased a cross-section of compelling examples from this diverse medium, and demonstrated that at heart, we are all gamers.

The show was co-curated by LeAnne Wagner and Brian Schrank (Chair of Game Design and Associate Professor at DePaul University). From a technical and experiential perspective, the show was one of the most ambitious the museum has assembled to date.