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Digital Divas

The Digital Divas platform serves as a tool for after school STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) curriculum geared toward middle school girls. The Digital Divas is a division of DePaul’s Digital Youth Network that focuses on exposing girls to “non-traditional” learning pathways, encouraging them to explore STEM skills, challenge stereotypes, and continue to explore these subjects in high school and beyond.

Through user interviews and observations of students and mentors, a core set of features that would support a blended learning environment was defined. The brand and UI were designed to support the Diva’s lively playful aesthetic, featuring the badge system and other game-like elements. As leader of the design team we worked in tandem with the Digital Youth Network to create a component based interface through an agile development process. We focused on streamlining the workflow and cultivating a content delivery platform that was simple and fun.